Kane: Irritating

The oddly fressed men were not hurt badly.

" So here is the report." The sargent begins to say but stops.

" Why is he here? He can't let him know anything that may affect his performance on his mission." The sargent says.

" He is here for ........... protection." The colonel says quietly , " Report to me later."

What was going on here , I'm in england. I come from who knows where. I have 3 robotic limbs. I'm part of a military doing some odd operation here , and I'm ordered to keep an eye on five teens. Soldiers are hurt , and can't report. Becuase it may damage my performance on my mission. What is the connection here?  This is so irritating.  After we get the men out I'm sent back too school.

After school I meet up with Caroline. She offers me some sort of meal I don't remember.

" Ice cream?" I ask

" You don't know what Ice cream is? Your odd one Kane, Don't they have ice cream in canada?" She says

" Canada?"  I ask. Must be another country where I may have lived. 

Then the colonel arrives. Doesn't this make mysertirouse?

" Get in Kane." The Colonel orders. 

I get inside the car.

" Kane new information shows we should not have these people , your looking after meet." He says like that would be easy. 

" Wh..." I remember he doesn't mine the questions , " Why sir?"

" Just orders from the higher ups. I don't know why." He lied

Would they stop the lieing?

"Now make it look like your trying to get away from me." He says

I follow the order and run from the vehicle he mock attemps to capture me. I grab Coraline and tell her to go.  Later she phones her dad , and tell him she's going to be late.  She seemed like a normal teenaged girl to me why is dog of the millitary like me keeping an eye on her , and make sure she doesn't befriend the other 4 people?

She asks me "whats going on here , Kane?"

I tell her only i'm part of private millitary , and I'm an expirement.

The next day Coraline seems angry with me , and won't talk to me. What did I do?  

" Why aren't you talking to me?" I ask

" I know what your up to Kane!" she says angrily , " You have to watch every make sure I don't connect with the other elements." 

Elements? I think Wind, air , fire, earth, and spirits. It made sense it was out there, but so was I, and this mission. 

" How you come to that?" I ask

" I just know. I'm an element. I also know I can control earth. You lied to me."

"UH." I say

She snapped her fingers collapsing the ground beneath me.  I fall forwards Kneeling , my knees making metalic noises hitting the ground.

" Did your kness just clang?" She asked surprised , " What the hell!"

Frikin military turned me into a freak , I can't even trip or I might reveal that fact.

" I can explain." I say coolly.



The End

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