Coraline; Truth


Kane runs to catch up with me o the way to school. I refuse to look at him, I could feel his eyes on my face.

"Why wont you talk to me?"He asks.

"I know Kane."

"Know what?"

"I know what your up to Kane."I hissed, "you ahve to watch my every move, make sure I don't connect in any way with the other elements."

e looked very uncomftorble.

"How did you come accross that?"

"I just know. I'm a element, huh? Well then, I know I can controll earth, but I didn't know I was earth! So, you lied to me?"I snapped.

""He started to looked nervous.

I snapped my fingers, the ground below Kane cracked a little, causing him to trip and fall t his knee's, there was a odd metallic clanging sound, his head snapped up, waiting for my reactng, I stared at him, frowing, why had his knee clanged?

"What the hell?"I blurt.

He looks away, angry.

"I can explain."He said coldly.

"Oh how can you? You were given orders to watch me! That's just plain creepy!"I cried.

"I can explain."He repeated, still looking mad, "but we'll have to miss a day of school so I can show you everything."

"M-m-m-m-m-miss a d-d-day of -sc-sc-school?"

"Give me you cell."He said in the same cold voice.

"What's a cell?"I asked dumbly.

"A phone."

"Oh."I gave him my mobile and he rang the school.


"Oh, hello, "he started in a cheery voice which didn't suit him, "I am Coraline Robinson's father, she wont be attending school today, we have to visit family."

"Okay then..."


"Bu-bye now."

Kane snapped the phone shut and started walking in the opposite direction to school, I followed like a lost puppy.

"Can I have my 'cell' back please, Kane?"

He handed me my cell. Alot of kid's were looking at us oddly.

A bright happy looking girl walked up to us and smiled.

"Hello, I'm Aqua, I'm new here, would you mind telling me where the school is?"She asked politly.

"OHMIGOD!"I gasped, she was water, I knew it, "Y-y-y-y-you are w-w-w-water!"I blurted without thinking.

She looked away, going slightly pink. And nodded the teeniest fraction.

Kane looked at me seriouly and pointed his arm in the direction of the school. He nodded curtly and walked that way, she tripped slightly and threw a anxtious glance over her shoulder.

Kane rolled his eyes as I stayed glued to the spot, starng after Aqua. He towed me along by the arm, and took me to a little field.

I collapsed and looked around.


He took a deep breath.

"I'm going to tell you all I know:

"I woke up in a hospital and was told if I asked questions I'd be tourchered. I'm experiment 22 and my last name is Watson. I came here and was told to watch you, I was shown the other elementals fases and told to watch them too, they said they would all be drawn to this spot somehow. I don't know anymore, but I can't..... I can't let them know in anyway that I have told you this, aparently, it's a good thing that I've befriended you because I can keep a closer watch, they keep on lieing to me and I don't know why, I have metal parts too, "he showed me some of them, "I can't remember anything before this happened. I don't want to be the milatary's dog! I want to just live a normal life, find out who my old family were! I don't want to hurt people or stop them from making friends! So now you know. Your one of the peolple I have to watch, and I have to, or they'll most likely kill me.... and the other elementals. Like that Aqua girl, you said she was water, your going to feel drawn to her, I don't want to stop you, but your going to eventually befriend her, and I'll have to stop you. I'm sorry, Coraline, it's just the way it is."

He looked down, obviously upset.

"Kane....."I sais, quite shocked.

"What?"He mumbled, his hand were covering his face, I could barely understand the word.

"You are going to try and stop me from making friends? I can't let you, if all of this is true, then I wont let you! If I want to make friends, there isn't anyting you can do about it! Kane, you have to understand, I don't have any friends but you, and woopie, it turns out my only friend wants to stop me from making any other ones. Thanks Kane, thanks a bunch." I said in a steely voice, I got up and walked to the other side of the field. I don't cry, so I wont.

I played around with the earth and plants, making the grass grow so tall I was compleatly submerged in it. I made the earth crack, then go back together, I wanted, for the first time ever, to have no friends.


The End

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