Kane: Call out.

That Coraline girl seemed to be the only one unafraid of me. I was finally able to be friend someone but I also felt bad becuase her face was one the people Im supposed to keep an eye one.

I was on my way to english when something in my head goes off.  I get this major headache and I want to die then I hear the scientist's voice.

" I told you not to use that it doesn't work." He says angrily

" Well we didn't give the kid a phone , and we need to give him orders." The colonel's voice says angrily.

" Kane screw school we are doing evalution. The scientist , and I made a bet." I har chuckle before he continues , " A soldier of ours , has been taking steroids, and got curiouse. Steroid boy versus robot boy. Who would win. So get back here or else." Straight after talked about his stupid  bet.

I hate being the militaries dog. I turned around , and headed for the manor. What a waste of time its obviouse machines beat humans all the time.  When I got there was running around like ediots.

" Whats going on?" I ask

" First major....."A person on computer says but stops because of a glare from a superior officer. 

I would have pried further , but I'm not allowed to ask questions in the presence of officers.

" Kane new orders. A few...." The colonel stops briefly to lie , " People have been hurt you are going to accompany the team thats investigating."

Why is he lieing to me I can't do anything about it except follow orders.

The End

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