Aqua: Boy of Wind

I gasped in shock when I opened the door to find an unconcious boy there.

I had decided to hide at home since non of my family would be back here till six and this is what happened.

Wings came from his back which was the wierd part. I tried to carry him but found it hard with the extra weight of his wings.

Then I have an idea. I consentrate on the water in his body and pull it up. He begins to float.

"Sweet" I whisper. I float him inside to the sofa and kneel next to him.

His hair is ruffled and he's sweating slightly. I pull the water away and evaporate it.

"I'll get you a drink" I say. I know he's slightly concious. I jump up and run to the kitchen.

I pour a glass of water and run in to finding him trying to sit up but failing. I run over and put the glass down to help him.

"There" I say grabbing a pillow to help him sit up. He looks at me strangely and I blush turning to grab his glass and handing it to him.

He takes it and drinks greedily.

"You want anything to eat..... We have pizza" I say clapping my hands slightly.

"You don't have to help me" He mutters.

"But I'm going to" I say jumping up and heading for the kitchen.

"You're not normal are you" I freeze. "You have powers like me"

I turn to look at him and he stares calmly. What should I say? I

Nothing, I turn on my heels and run for the kitchen to fetch him some food.

The End

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