Coraline; Hey


I bumped into the new guy at school again.

"Opps!"I say, I dropped my open bag, stuff spilling out of it, "hey, your that Kane guy, aren't you?"

"Yeah. Your that Coraline gir, aren't you?"

I laughed.

"Yep.  Um, forgot to ask,  how old are you?"I asked.

"I'm...uh... never mind."He mumbled.

"What? Didn't catch that."

"I....uh...not sure...."He said in a hushed voice.

"WHAT?! CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"I said loudly, he blushed beet red.

He pulled me by the sleeve to a corner.

"I don't know."He said seriously, his blue eyes burning into my own. They were cold, like they had no happy memories.

"Okay. Do you want to explain that further?"

"Yes and no. Look, I want to make friends here, but I'm not allowed."


"Just because."

"Because why?"

"It doen't matter. Okay, I think I'm sixteen, okay?"

"Oh, yeah, okay, I can't be mates with you then..."

I stareted to walk off.

"Why?"He asked, hurt.

"Because my dad is really protective after my mum ran away from home. I'm not really allowed to make friends with boys, let alone older ones. He'd probab;y hit you with a shovel and accuse you of attemtive murder or someting!"I laughed, so did he, it was a cold, short emty noise.

"Okay, can we be friends still? I don't have any friends."He said sadly.

"Sure. As ong as you don't try to flirt or ask me out, yeah, I don't date."

"Okay."He seemed happy, like he didn't want to anyway, which was good.

I walked off down the corridor, to my next lesson, Maths. I think Kane's Canadian, because he speaks like it.

Never mind, I don't want to ponder over this now, I have some hardcore equations to work out on the white-board.

Nice, for the first time in high school. I had made a friend, someone actually wanted to be my friend!

The End

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