Kane: second person

That was the second person I was told to look for.I continued to walk to the school anyways. It looked like I scared that girl I also should grabbed her with my left hand instead my right even thoug my gloved hid the that fact it didn't produce body heat.  I'm not even that scary I think I haven't even looked myself I don't know what I look like.  I went to the school , and went to look at mirror. My hair, is this lightly spikey black thing. My eyes are a cold blue. No wonder people think i'm scary my cold blue eyes. I hated this Why couldn't they let me die instead of become a dog of the military , with robotic legs, arm, and a pistol.  

I couldn't shoot anyone if I wanted too. I walk to the office.

" Kane Watson I need a schedule." I said

" Kane Watson. Oh your with the stange guys aren't you." She eyeballed me suspicously.

" I'm just staying with them. Friends of my parents." I said my cover story.

" Hmmph. Here it is." She said still looking at me suspicously.

What was this private millitary doing to this town to earn so much mistrust? 

The End

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