Aqua: ......

I walk to the new school silently head dropped. It's friday and my parents are still sending me for the last day of school.

Then thwack... "Ahh" I yell as I tumble back but a cold hand grabs my wrist pulling me up and back to my feet.

"Are you o-" his voice is cut of by a sort of tsk.

I look up at him my eyes wide with wonder. He stares down at me cold and hard.

"I'm sorry" I mutter then run off down the street. That boy..... he was strange...... scary.

I shiver and rain begins to fall each drop that hits my skin makes me feel better..... less scared.

I sigh and stop tilting my head back and closing my eyes allowing the rain to drop on my face.

Then I feel wetness on my feet. I look down to see water racing across from where it fell to reach me.

It travels slowly up my legs like a skin.....

"What the hell?" I whisper. I look around then run into an alley the water following me. I need to work this out and I cant do it at school.

The End

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