Kane: Plane, mission

I got onto the plane where they gave some close to cover my obvious metal parts.

" How is one to be stealthy , he got metal legs that make noise? A special ops agent sneers.

" You don't need to be stealthy if you run at a pace that is to fast to react to." A sargent Defends me.

" How old are you boy? Your probably a couple years older than my youngest sister." The sargent turns to me. 

" I lost all memory. I don't know." I said sullenly

" That sucks." The Sargent says

The scientist pulls out a wallet from a bag of my undercover gear. 

" From lab test your approximatly 16-17 years of age. So you'll will be going to school on your trip." He explained  

" Freakin fantastic. What happens when it come to gym. They expect gym short and T- shirt?" I ask

" Don't worry about it."

Later when the plane arrives I'm told to stay up to overcome jet lag faster. I drank as much coffee and energy dranks I could get.

" Wear this." I'm told given a long black leather shoulder jacket.

" Why?"

" Keeps the noise down on your arm. Oh here comes The colonel." The sargent says

" Whats going on here? This is a big crew  of soldier of the private military." I say

His face drops. " Something unatural is going on here." He was going to tell me more but the colonel was there.

" Kane Watson?" His voice creeped me out.

" Yes sir."

" Your comeing with me." He says turning on his heels.   I follow along

" We are heading to the Manor house. Its small command center on the coast. Your mission is simple. Find these people." He showed me five teens, " And watch them closely until ordered otherwise."

" Yes sir. Why would you need someone like me for this mission?" I ask

" Your not allowed to ask questions. Don't worry I won't punish you but please ask the questions out of the presence of others. The answere to your question lies to higher commanding officers."  


The End

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