Sonnie: Um, hello.

I hear whispering around me, slowly I lift my eyes from the sand. Little ghostly things stick their pretty faces in my face, I scream, jump up and fall backwards. My yellow eyes widening.

"Hello, again. Feeling better after your nap?" The first ghostly figure stands before me, a smile on his lips.

"Um... No, wh-who are you?" I ask tentivly.

"I am not important, you are." He says, sitting crossed legged on the sand like a monk.

"Well thank you for that," I smile slightly bemused. "Why am I important?"

"Well, for starters you can see us, and you are part of the final five."

"The final five? Are they also known as the famous five?"

"No, the final five of the elementals, they - you - are the ones that have to help. You will have to fight - you can fight can't you?" He asks his white eyes getting slightly bigger.

"Ish," I bite the bottom of my lip.

"Ish? What do you by ish?" His sholders square.

"By ish, I mean that... um... I'm not the best fighter..."

"Not the best fighter? You're an elemental! You have to be able to fight!"

My phone starts to vibrate, I try to pick it out. "Well, I am sorry that I didn't get the memo about learning to fight!" I hit answer on my phone, "Hello?"

"Sonia Marks! Where the hell are you? You didn't come home last night, and the school has just phoned me, telling me that you're not there!" Mum practically screams down the phone.

"Wh- Sorry Mum..."

"Don't you go all go-go 'Mummy'," she very badly imitates my tone. "Sonnie, I know this is a big change, but to not come home at all last night...."

"Why didn't you come out to look for me then?"

"Because, I know what you're like, I thought you had just came back home late, like you did back at ho- from when you were upset after it all happened." After the accident, I kinda went on mad, getting drunk most days, getting into trouble with the law, you name it, I did it.

"Mum, you know I've changed."

"Do I?"

"Mum," I sigh. "I'll be back in a couple of hours, can I miss school today?"

"You're gunna have to now."

"Why?" It's Friday, and I've missed my first day of school, Woo.

"Because I said you have the shi- that you have diarrhoea, but you'll be turning up on Monday." I can hear the amusment in her voice, her form of revenge.

"Oh Mum, why could you just say I have period pains or something?" The ghosts snigger, I give them the fingers.

"That would be lieing."

"Oh, and saying that I have diarrheoa isn't then!" I exclaim, even the Monk like ghost is trying not to laugh, Oh brilliant.

"Oh give over. I'll see you later love."

"Bye Mum, see you later." We hang up, "Did you have to laugh?"

"Oh admit it," a little ghost breathes out. "It was funny."

"Yeah, ha-ha."

"Come on," the monk-like man says.


"We need to move, people are coming, and they're dangerous."

"All people are dangerous." I say remembering.

"Come on then." He pulls me up, shocking me that a ghost can pull me up.

"H-How did you?"

"Can't explain now, move!" He pulls me across the beach, the little ghosts following. I see some people walking some dogs, they look at me oddly. What are yo- Oooh! I'm guessing that I'm the only one that can see the ghosts, a 16 year old girl being pull along by air.

Wahay to make a good impression, Sonnie!

The End

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