Coraline: Meet Kane


I skip down the road to school, I stopped when I saw a teenage boy with a suitcase walking down the road.

"Hello?"I call, he looks startled, then walks over to me.

"Hi, uh, I'm looking for the Mannor House, I'm supposed to be staying there."He said. I felt my eyes widen.

"The Mannor House?" I gasp, "Wow! You must be rich!"

"Um. No. I'm working for--"He was cut off by a young man.

"Me."He said.

"OH!"I say, stepping back, I was getting a bad vibe(I'm all into vibes, divination, ect.) from this guy!

"Are you okay?"Asks the teenage boy, glaring at the man, "I'm Kane, by the way, Kan no-last-name. And you are?...."

"C-c-c-Coraline!"I stammer, still shocked from the amount of hostility in the young mans eyes, "I gotta go! Or I will be late for school!!!"

I sprinted down the road, throwing a curious glance over my shoulder. That was odd.

The End

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