Kane: Mission to england.

I stand at attention of my so called owner.  Since there is no laws on people with cybernetic implants saying they can't own me.  

" Kane Watson, also known as subject 22. You hence forth part of the W.S.A private secret military also." Said the guy who sat in this really fancy chair

" Sir you don't mind me asking what W.S.A stands for?"

" World State Affiars. You are also henceworth banned from asking question. If  you do you shall tortured." He said

Afterwards I just sat through this lecture of what can , and can't do since I'm no longer human in the eyes others.  I was pissed metal limbs don't take away from the fact i was born human, and still have feelings, and emotion. I hated them they found loophole that allowed them to send some one to sucidal missions.  After the mans lecture he announces his mission for me. he sends everyone out of the room.

" I want You to go to England and I you to go this town on the coast. Phone this number once your there , and you'll recieve further orders." 

I wanted to ask why. But I had no choice I didn't feel like getting tortured. 

" Yes sir."  Then I was taken to room given hand gun , and a assualt rife that I had to put together. The sargent showed me how then I put on plane to England

The End

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