Water-Aqua: Voice

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten,

Bright copper kettles and warm wollen mittens,

Brown paper packages tied ups with strings,

These a few of my favorite things" I sing the notes cafefully my voice gliding over them.... figuratively speaking.

I took a deep breath and looked out the window of the car. "Your voice is as beautiful as ever" my dad says smiling at me.

"Thanks dad" I mutter.

"Not to happy bought the move are ya" Dad says smiling apolagetically.

"No but I understand" I mutter smiling at him.

"You know your voice I've always said to your mother that you got it from the sea" Dad says.

"Here we go again" Mum mutters from the back seat where she's looking after my five month old brother Jeramy.

"Hey its a great story" Dad says teasing. "When you were born we were at sea"

"On your way back to England" I say remembering.

"Yep, then the first time you sung was..."

"On the ferry to France" I say smiling. "We know dad you've said it to much"

"Yeah but get this you always sing out to the ocean" he says pointing out the window at the river we are still passing.

"She doesn't always Harold don't you remember the choir" Mum says shaking her head.

"Yes she kept turning her head south east the closest sign of water"

I zone out leaving my parents to bicker..... but dad is write when I sing I always look in a certain direction imagining water.......

The End

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