Juliette: Work

'And what can I get you?'  Normally I didn't mind my job, I was a sociable person but tonight I just wanted to be at home.  'Is that all, OK then I'll bring it over when it's ready.'  I collected their menus, walked over to the hatch and handed the order to John who was waiting.

Business was slow, not many people came in on a Monday night but I was one of the permenant staff so I had to be here, and we needed the money.  Mum wasn't working so I had to feed us somehow.

Hands went around my waist and pulled my into the shadows by the kitchen door.

'Hey babe, how are you?'  It was Tony, one of the chefs and my long term boyfriend.  Mum hated him but I could have done a lot worse, I mean look at my dad, an alcohlic with mood issues.  But he was gone now.  'Fancy heading over to my place after your shift ends?'

'You know I want to but I've got to get back tonight, you know that.'

'Well it was worth a try.'  He kissed me, his hands stroking my golden, wavy hair.  It annoyed him that I was as tall as him but there wasn't much he could do about it so he had to put up with it.

'I've got to get back to work.'

'OK but I'll see you in school tomorrow?'

'Always.'  One quick last kiss and I was gone.

The End

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