Kane: Worse then lab rat.

The door opens agian with the Male scienctist

" Welcome back to life Kane Watson. Unfortunetly you lost your memory while we saved your life. I do have say I would rather remain alive without memories then die. you?" The scientiest or doctor says.

" I don't know. I guess. Are you scientist or doctor?" I ask

" I'm both, I specialize in cybernetics. The military is quite interested in it."He said

" I would think. So did I agree to this?" I ask

The scientist stiffens then looks a little nervous.

" Yes." He said

Something told me he was lieing. 

" Anyways since everything checks out I should tell you no longer have a human arm, and legs both were severed in surgery. To make the you new adaptions work like normal we gave you an implant on you brain. So a pieces of your brain where removed." He explained 

" So If i feel any electrical currents I tell you." I finished his sentence as the restraints released. 

I lok down at my legs they looked like something out of terminator no skin was there to cover that it was obviously was not human.

" I'm stuck in here forever aren't I?" I ask

" Thats the scary bit you've been enlisted into the private military that funds this research. " The scientist said glumly. 

" Worse than a lab rat. I just lost all rights as a human." I said

The End

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