Sonia (Sonnie)-Spirit

We drove right to the coast, somewhere we could be safe. Mum turns up the music, and hums tunelessly to it, I can hear the solom notes in her tone. I turn to the window and see my hair changing, the roots get darker and darker and start to drip down my hair, staining it.

I feel my eyes go wide, I pull down the sun visor and open the mirror part. "Bloody. Hell."

"What..." Mum turns to me, "What the hell have you done to your hair now?"

"Yeah, because I actually ment for my hair to turn to this colour," I say scarcastically. I play with my hair as it slowly turns darker and darker.

Mum sighs dramatically and turns back to the road. Well this is great, how the hell did my hair change?!

Four and a half hours later:

We pull up in an unknown drive. A smaller house that we used to live in, obviously. We hull all the boxes in, "Mum, I'm going out for some air."

"Ok dear, be back soon." I smile, heading for the door, "Oh and Sonnie, would you mind buying some milk?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can I have some money then, please?" She hands me a five pound note.

The wind slaps my face, and I start to run around. My mood feels lighter as I run through the woods, jump over ponds and puddles, run on the hot sand, feeling the wind fuss my hair.

I trip on a vine, and look up. I feel my eyes widen as I see a half transparent creature stand before me.

"Hello my child," I whispers.

I feel my head nodd and I say, "Uh..." My head falls heavily in the sand.

The End

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