Erion - Air

I took a deep breath as I looked down, from my spot on the cliff I could see forests and seas and hills with cattle and farmers.

"You ready?" Ellie asked, I looked beside me, there she stood, long brown hair and warm brown eyes. God I'd miss her. She looked back at my silver-white hair and silver eyes and pale skin.

"Let's do it," I hated heights, but I loved the feel of flying. I didn't need the paraglider but I thought it would look weird if I floated along the currents or sprouted wings.

We leaped off, the currents drifted under our wings pulling us further and further along. I concentrated on the wind, helping it guide us along.

I loved these moments, where I would turn to look at Ellie, she would look back and smile at me, thumbs held up, perfect.

I lost concentration and we hit a little turbulence. She messed me up that way.

Slowly we descended and hit the ground.

Immediately she ran up to me, planting a kiss on my lips, "god that was awesome," she smiled and I kissed her back, making it last a while after all, this would be one of the last kisses I could give her, "I still don't understand why you have to leave," she looked at me moodily.

"Like I said, my mum can't afford piloting lessons any more, so we have to move to where it's cheaper," she sighed and picked fluff off her paraglider, "I'll miss you to," I tried to smile but it wouldn't come to me.

I have to accept fate I suppose.

The End

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