Kane: No memory. No help

" Test subject Kane watson is waking sir." A femine voice said

" Information on his near death, and on current condition." A deeper male voice replied. 

" Nearly died of several bullet wonds and being ran over a car." The female voice replied sadly

" Was he involved in gang, drugs?" The male voice asked

" No he just had mone on him and refused to give it up." She replied

" I see. Memory?" The male voice asked

" None sir. His current condition..... is different."

A door opens on the voices dissapear.I'm laying here on the bed I'm being talked about like I was some sorta guinea pig for a test. It true though I don't remember a thing. I opened my eyes I was restraned to a table in middle of obsidian black round room. I turn my head to the right to see surgical tools. If I was indeed a test subject what where they doing to me?  I struggle with the restraints something wasn't right.

The End

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