I burst up and shake my hair. "How long this time?" I ask swimming over to the edge looking up at my coach.

"4 minutes 30" he says shaking his head.

I smile and push myself back into the water. I duck under and feel the water wrap round me like a cucoon.

"Oi, Aqua get back up here. We're meant to be training" I burst through to the surface and pout angry slightl before swimming to the start of the pool. My blueish silver hair sticks to down my back to about half way as I push my self up and out the pool. I grab a bobble from the bench and tie it up before putting on the swimming cap.

I hate wearing these things, I like to feel the water allow it to touch every part of my skin...... but it would go against human desency if I started swimming naked.

I turn and get ready to dive in to the pool. I train my crystal blue eyes straight ahead and dive at the sound of the whistle.

The rush of water is amazing but I don't let it distract me as I swim to the end and back.

"54 secounds bravo...... when you can swim so fast why don't you enter the olympics?" My coach says shaking his head.

I rest on my arms at the edge of the pool.

"Cause that would be showing off besides I'm moving today..... no more lessons after this"

"Yeah I'm gonna miss you Aqua" Coach says smiling. I smile and dive backward into the water.

The End

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