Spirit-Sonia: New town, New me.

"Are y' sure we have to move, Mum? I mean, surely it's not necessary to move half way across the country...." I ask, heaving the final cardboard box to her.

She sighs, "Yes dear, I have  a new job to go to, an-and it'll be good for us to move on."

"Hmm," it's just us two now. After that accident, where half of our household died.

"Don't worry hun," she says placing a hand on my cheek. "It's all gunna be OK, the school there has a really good reputaion." Tears spring in the corners of my eyes, she wipes them away.

"Ok, Mum." I rub the tears away from my yellow eyes, sniffing.

"That's my girl," she smiles, her amber eyes creasing in the corners. I take down my bright blonde hair from it's pony tail and rearrange it in pig tails.

We load up the removal truck, and set off, half way across the country.

Bye bye home, bye bye me. Hello new town and a new me. A new life.

My name's Sonia Marks, I'm sixteen years old and I'm moving on.

The End

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