The effect of time; too little or too much.Mature

Basically, write a short chapter that tells a story affected by time. Your character can be anyone or anything, real or not. You could also write your story from the point of view of an object, for example an alarm clock. You may post more than once but if you do you must use the same main character, unless you previously used or want to use an object. Enjoy :)

I run towards the bus, praying in my mind that the driver would see me, and that if he did he would stop for me.

"SHIT." I exclaim as the bus pulls away from the stop. I glance at my watch. "Shit," I say again, "Shit shit shit!." I analyse my options.
Option 1: I could wait for the next bus, which would arrive in ten minutes and, added to the journey, would mean me arriving approximately 45 minutes from now.
Option 2: I could run to the stop down the road, which would mean cutting out four stops on the bus, but only if I ran quickly, meaning I would arrive about 35 minutes from now.
Option 3: Run home, wake up Matt and ask for a lift Option 4: Walk the entire journey, taking about an hour.
Option 5: Give up completely and go back home to bed.

Immediatley I discarded options 3, 4 and 5. I couldn't disturb Matt on his day off, and I almost definitely did not want to walk all that way and STILL arrive late. And I just couldn't give up after I had fought so hard for this opportunity.

 I decided to run to the next stop and exhaled deeply as I arrived to the stop, relief flooding through me as I saw people waiting at the stop, checking their watches and looking down the road, anticipating the arrival of the bus.

 I had only just caught my breath as the bus pulled up to the stop, and the driver opened the door, smiling. I pulled out my purse and payed the fare, ripping the ticket from the machine and sitting down on a double seat, setting my bags down next to me. I also slipped in some earphones to stop any old biddies wanting to sit next to me.

As the bus approached the stop I needed I leapt up and walked swiftly towards the front of the bus, jumping down the steps onto the pavement. I ran to the building as quickly as possible, checking my watch as I pulled open the door. 10:00, perfect timing. I walked towards the sign in desk, smiling at the receptionist. I stated my name and reason for my visit while the receptionist checked the list. "Oh, erm, just a second," she said, puzzled. My heart began to pound, was I in the right place? Was I late? Did they not want me? "Umm, Miss Bates? Your interview isn't for an hour yet."


The End

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