To be a bodyguard to the King.

Name: Ravyn Lockwood 
Age: 18 
Bio: Parents were killed when she was a child, since then she has been shunned by everyone around her. She is a skilled fighter and assassin, she taught herself to read and write and finds it hard to trust anyone around her. She will always protect what she feels is right and is very stubborn. 

Ravyn was just rounding the corner that would lead her to the place where she had been staying for the past few nights and backtracked quickly as she saw the three mutants blocking her path, swearing under her breath she peered around the corner once more before leaning back against the cold wall behind her. She hadn't thought about them catching up to her, just as she thought she could stay in the area a little longer, she didn't believe in bullying the weak but she knew that to get past them she ahd to do something. 

Taking a deep breath she closed her golden eyes and felt the air around her, sending her senses out to the mutants around the corner she felt their breaths and heard their heartbeats as if they were her own. Opening her eyes she stepped around the corner and moving at a speed only she possessed she closed the distance between them and before any of them could blink they were all a heap on the floor. 

Stepping over the bodies she walked across the street and into the rundown building that the three mutants had been watching, shaking her head she sped up towards the room that she was staying in and burst into a dark room. Heading towards a dufflebag she grabbed the little objects on the floor, placed them into the bag and knocked the bottle of whiskey onto the floor watching the liquid seep into the fraying carpet. Breathing deeply once again she felt heat burst in front of her where the alcohol had caught alight, using the speed that she'd used in the allwyay she left the building and moved into the main street, getting as far from the burning building as possible. 

As she was walking she noticed the amount of guards that were walking through the crowds, they seemed to be surrounding a woman who pointed to a few mutants before the guards broke away from the main group and took the mutants towards the large court that lead to the castle that held the King and his children. Locking eyes with the woman, her eyes widened as she saw the woman point towards her and two of the guards break away and headed in her direction. Ravyn had no idea what they wanted but she wasn't about to find out, quickly she began rushing through the crowd pushing her way past vendors and buyer's. 

Growling low in her throat she began shoving other mutants out of her way as she felt the guards closing in on her, she wasn't going to go with them as she knew for a fact it wasn't going to be good whatever it was. She felt a hand close around her upperarm and then a pain shoot through her skull, the world started to dim as she felt her body being carried back towards the castle and to whatever was about to happen to her. 

The End

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