To be safe to control it.

Leaning against the stone wall behind her, Alexis watched people of all backgrounds rush past her doing their daily business. Alexis wished that she had that luxury, but she didn't. She didn't because she was different, a freak. That's what her family had called her, especially when she had created a small snowstorm in the kitchen because it was too hot. 

Her golden eyes scanned the crowd for any of the people that had been following her since she had left home, three weeks before. Nadda, not one of them was there. Sighing she allowed her golden eyes to close, until she heard shouting. 

Opening them, she turned her head towards the commotion her black hair flying around her. So much for them not being there. The men that had been following her wore black leather caps and had the 'bad boy' look going for them. She would have laughed if she didn't know they were coming for her. 

Pushing away from the wall, Alexis shoved people out of the way as she rushed to leave the area and heard that the men were doing the same, but with less progress. She wished that the floor would swallow her up when she felt someone grab hold of her arm and pull her into a darkend alcove... 

The End

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