The klutz who saves lives

Alexis' eyes widened as she slipped on the ice and crashed to the floor right outside her mates hours. She hadn't ment to, she just never could find her footing on ice, especially during the day. 

"Ah man!" She said as she got off the floor started to brush off her clothes. She was such a klutz sometimes and she always seemed to be more of a klutz when she was in a hurry, or there was something really important going on. Today was her mates birthday. 

The time she could see properly was in the dark, for darkness was what she could control...could shape, morph, contain...For she was an elemental, and only a select few of her friends knew. And the one who lived in the house in front of her, was one of those people, for they were an elemental too. 

Alexis knocked loudly on the door as she shook her black hair out of her pale grey eyes. Looking at the door intently she hoped she hadn't caused any damage to the present she had in her jacket pocket...

The End

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