To be Controlled and to Break Free.

Pieces of work that I write for the hell of it.

It was cold...So cold. The ice spread over the room, makeing everyone freeze in mid sentence. A girl stood alone, eyes closed hands outspread. 

Her eyes opened and they were black, they used to be a lovely shade of blue. At least they were before HE had started to control her. Before HE had turned her evil. 

The girl smirked at the frozen figures around her. 

Thats a good girl, freeze them, kill them all... a voice whispered inside her head. She frowned, she didn't want to kill them. 

Her eyes flashed blue, once...twice. As she fought within her mind for the freedom she once had, the freedom she needed. The ice receded, then grew again. 


----------------------------------5 years later-------------------------- 

Alexis kept her blue eys glued to the ground in front of her. It had been snowing the night before, not her fault, and it was freezing. She couldn't feel the cold as it was a part of her, a part of her element. 

5 years had passed and she was still remebered as the freak who tried to cause a big freeze. She couldn't believe that she had allowed that jerk to take control of her mind. She's never trust a psych elemental again. 

Turning the corner, she breathed out. Her breath didn't billow into a cloud, she was too cold for that to happen. She didn't even notice the person coming in the oppsite direction because of the smoke coming from the doorway up ahead. Until they fell to the floor, her under that person... 

The End

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