Chris: Would only be complete with... Oh no

As I fix up whatever is nessascary I look at my handy work then put my blade to full capacity agian since I didn't need to weld anymore.

" Now it would one damm fearome ship if it had some heavy pulse canons. The only weapons the atmo transport had was an old lead firing gun but hell that was better than nothing.  I climbed the pilot stair and begaon to buckle up when I notied 3 things. An angry mob was gaining around me with multiple weapons trained on my ship, 2 I needed a crew desperatly, 3 this ship needed a name. The glass covering slid over my cockpit and the battle begun. Several pulse canons aimed at my motors severed a few blinky boxes in my console. By blinky boxes i mean litle flashing lights warning me of useless things like descenind or ascending or windspeed. Will windspeeds important.

" My turn." I say to myself then squeeze the firing trigger and bullets pepper the ground killing many of my enemies. They withdraw seeing that I'm well protected and I don't care about my blood blinky boxes.  I hover out and begin to fly over the northpole looking for a suitable crew. In the ocean I see an unconciousse  man. I didn't care if he would say no I just picked him up and left him in the dining area. I take another fly by. On land I see a girl getting knocked over by the rampant idiots of this competition. I land in front of her.

" Hey do you want to help crew my ship? well okay atmo transport I'm heading to brazil for the first key."

The End

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