Maiya: For Abbie

I run. I run my hardest. Abbie would've wanted me to do this. Ever since my little sister, Abbie, died I've been trying to do all the things she would have wanted me to do. She died because of me. If I had just told them how to get the damn keys... sigh. They tortured her to death for information she didn't even have. What kind of sick people torture an obviously innocent 13 year old girl to death? People who want to get at me. An 18 year old idiot. Ugh. A few years ago, some scientist found this afterlife called 'The Kingdom'.They created a portal to bring everyone back to life. Abbie didn't come. They told me that she'd told them to tell me that she wanted to stay. That it wasn't right for her to be alive if she had died, and besides: she has friends there. Sigh. Oh yeah, a bit about me, I'm called Maiya, pronounced 'My-yah'. I have green eyes and brownish blonde hair, cut short to my shoulders. I'm an idiot. And I have the worst luck ever! 

"Just go Maiya. Stop thinking about it" I mutter to myself and run faster. Someone pushes past me and knocks me to the ground. I consider giving him a taste of my fist, or maybe my sword that cuts through most things. Then I decide against it. He glances back once and then carries on. "Jerk" I mutter and pull myself up. Now I'm covered in dirt but I don't really care. I start running again. I'm gonna get this water if it's the last thing I do. And knowing my luck, it probably will be.

The End

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