Corby: Starting up

I just began to sprint, when I looked back and my jaw dropped. Some dude had a sword  that shot plasma at people!! Why didn't I think of that?! Anyway, I got to the ocean and dived in. Then realized that I had to swim to the entire other hemisphere, so I got a better idea.

I got out, held my morningstar up high, and spun it rapidly. My idea was that it would get enough power and I would be able to fly. That however was not the case and I accidentally shot poison at a guy who was holding a shield in his wrong hand. I shrugged and took the shield and the map, finders keepers after all.

I threw the shield into the water, jumped onto it and started paddling with my hands. The water was warm and uncomfortable to paddle through, so obviously me jumping in the water didn't get me refreshed, or even cooled down, I was just wet.

After about 20 minutes I got tired of touching the water and laid down in the shield. I saw the morningstar, then shook my head. If it couldn't make me fly I don't think it'd work as a motor. I really should've planned this better. I was getting a bit tired, and nothing was happening, so I dozed off and let what little waves there were move me.

The End

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