Chris Jarkness

" GO!"  

And the struggle for water begins. I open my map with three destination. Rio grand rift north , southish america , Giza , and sri lanka. Cool the rio grand rift isnt that where North america may supposedly split?  I 'm heading for Brazil first I have lots of knowledge of the train there and a few rumours point to the fact a key could be there. Not much to say about myself I go where anything interest me sorta like a ship in the ocean with only a sail goes where the wind blows.  On me I only carry a bag with three days of supplies and a blade from a grander age when we had water. Not only was it brutally sharp , If I press a button it will split in half , and reveal a nasty light wieght pulse canon , and lets just say you don't want to be on the recieving end of one of those.  Okay I needed transport. I 've got my hover craft but that won't bring me to brazil fast enough besides I don't think I have the fuel to power it.

Around me was a running of fools it was a riot. people getting killed if the trip and falls. A few contestants where at the others throats taking more supplies. How piggish. As I reach the vehicle port I fall in love with an old outer atmo transport. It couldnt go outside of our Atmosphere anymore though it had too many breaches but it would be just fine for flying around earth.   I quickly claim it but others begin to encirlcle me. I guess it was fight. I hop down from  the top of it dropping my bag.

" Come on bring it."  I say slicing the first guy down.

They began to shoot but I rolled out of the way as my very wide sword split from the midle to reveal the pulse canon. Boom!  The blast nails someone head on and his body is no more the explosion knocks over his comrades. 

" Want some more?" I shout as they turn tail. I click the sword agian and it returns to being the usual sword I slung it over my back.  I put a hand through my sandy bllond hair wich was a light dark colour underneath the blond ness. My so called glacier blue eyes stared like It had lazers. I never seen a glacier before but thats how they where described by old computers so I kept with that describtion.

"Okay time to fix whatever and go." I tell myself.

The End

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