Corby: The race begins

"On your marks!" We all get ready. "Get set!" Come on, hurry up and say it already! I'm anxious here! "GO!!!!!!!!" Yes! And we're off!

Wait wait wait wait wait. I'm a bit ahead of myself, let me explain a bit first.

My name is Corby Torson, and my life is really, really, weird. I was born in a small town in Canada, nothing too unusual happened. Until I was under arrest and charged with murder. I didn't do it, but they had proof, and I was sentenced to death by hanging. A while later I woke up from being dead in a place called The Kingdom, a place where I still believe to be heaven, but with superpowers. My superpower... well let's put it this way, I was Spider-man. It was great, and I was there for a really long time, but then one guy, who died in a black hole, made a portal back to Earth, and five of us, including me, all jumped in.

So here I am, and don't worry, I'm not Spider-man anymore. As soon as I got back I was normal again. However, with the disappearance of the water, it's still weirder than what I'm used to, but I'm still alive this time, and don't plan on changing that. That's why I need that water.

Anyway, back to now. We all ran from the start in a mad dash, pounding each other to the ground to get ahead. Then something occurred to me. I have no idea where I'm going! I got out my map, I had three choices. Canberra Australia, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and Paris France. I've always wanted to see Brazil, so I guess that's my first stop. I took out my weapon of choice, a medieval styled morningstar that could shoot poison when you swing it, and I tested it out. Purple caps flew around the air. Wicked!

I went back to running, I'm at the North Pole, I gotta hurry!

The End

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