The Drought

There's a bit of irony in the title. The story is about the last pool of water, yet I started it because almost all the collabs I was in just died due to writers block. Ah well, I hope to make this a fun thing to do, be sure to read page one to get the main idea, and enjoy yourselves.

The year is 4234. The human population has diminished drastically, and there's but one reason. Water. Over the past two thousand years the water has been getting thinner, and thinner. Until finally, there was no drinkable water left. Many have been able to take care of themselves without it, but they can't go on forever.  Their bodies begin to eat themselves to stay alive, then they will get weak, until they finally rot. Indeed, it looked as though there was no hope for mankind left in this world.

However, not all the water had gone.

Exiled from the rest of the world was a small island. It's around where  Antarctica was. On this island,there were coconuts, fruits, firewood, and a pool of water no wider than a pond, but deep enough to let thousands drink from it. But of course, nothing is this easy. The pole is blocked off with a large slab of titanium, and it will only open after 18 keys have been place around it. Now of course, with teamwork they could've very well found all the keys and gotten the water already.  However, with the passing of time, most people have become quite greedy, and unwilling to share. So they came to one conclusion.

A race to the finish.

The people all gathered at the north pole. From there, they make their way through all 6 continents ( once again, Antarctica is gone), pass many countries, and keep their eyes open for anything that may look like where the key may be. Each person, or contestant, is given a map telling them where only three of them are, to find the rest they will have to steal maps from the other players. Almost anything goes in this game, but here are a few rules.

No killing another player's character without permission.

No just magically "finding" keys.

No teleporting, you can't just go from Alaska to Australia without first make a boat and sailing on the last remaining sea water (non-drinkable, about 50 feet deep at most).

If any of you can find some way to make this into a romance, please wait until at least page 40 for that.

Everyone is given a tool of their choice, and enough food to last three days. The rest they will have to find. Apart from the rules listed above, anything, and I mean ANYTHING, can happen. The race starts when the first person posts, and everyone, do remember to have fun. This is a story after all, and stories are fun! All right, enjoy yourself and good luck, the drought has officially begun!

The End

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