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"Good evening everyone!" I called out as I stood up on the stage with the band waiting patiently behind me. "I thank you all for being here today to celebrate the opening of the Respite. It was my fathers vision to rejuvenate this hotel and reopen it to the public. A vision he was unable to see through. So in his honour I continued his work. I've spent the last eight months pulling out old piping and electrics bringing this hotel up to the standard it is now. I do hope I have brought my fathers vision to life and that tonight we will all enjoy ourselves. Now for a toast. To my father and the future of the Respite"

'To Michael and the Repite!' Everyone toasted.

I headed back down from the stage to Bridget who wrapped her arms around me the moment I reached her. "That was a beautiful speech" she said kissing me briefly.

"Yes, very" said my mother as she reached us. I pulled away from Bridget and leaned over to my mother to kiss her cheek. "Everyone is enjoying themselves. A gathering worthy to celebrate in your fathers honour"

"Thank you, mother" I said taking Bridget's hand who squeezed it and gave me a loving smile. "I think I may just walk round and check. Darling stay with mother" 

"Of course" Bridget smiled. "But don't be too long"

"I won't" I said giving her a brief kiss then striding off into the crowd. I was so pleased with how everything was flowing down to the simple taste of the snacks floating around and through the crowd on trays carried by the already hired staff. I went to reception. "Any bookings, Renee?" 

"A fair few, sir" I relaxed letting out a long relieved sigh. "Good" I expressed turning on my heels to head back into the main hall when I saw Kristina, Bridget's best friend. She had obviously come along with her mother who had been on the guest list. "Kristina"

She stopped and turned smiling when she saw me. "Hello, Theo" she said in a friendly way. "How are you? I thought your speech was wonderful"

I laughed nervous. "Thank you. I'm coping well I hope"

"Everything's running fine" she said laying a hand on my shoulder. "Relax"

I forced an agreeing smile but really I was still a great bubble of nerves.

The End

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