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My shiny black shoes clicked against the marble floor as I walked. Today had been a good day. Not one mess up so far although saying that now could jinx the whole thing. This evening was the grand finale of weeks of planning. Hours of calling up the best of the best and tiring waits on replies from the invitations. Had my father still been alive he would have been proud. 

It was a large event to celebrate the reopening of the Respite. A closed hotel that my father had purchased a month before he fell ill. Every single one of those eight months he spent in bed the one thing he talked about was his great vision for this hotel. I just hoped I'd done it justice for him. "Theodore, your mother has arrived" 

I stopped in my final sweep of the main hall which had been set for the dinner and turned to face my assistant. I smiled softly. "Thank you, Marie" I replied to her politely then head out of the hall into the corridor where the floor was all spick and span cleaned. Good. "Mother!" I said brightly as I came into the large reception area which was flooded with light from the larger glass windows.

My mother turned to face me this reserved look on her face. "Theodore" she said as I kissed her cheek. "You called me?"

"Yes, I wanted to show you the hotel, mother"

She scowled. "Could that not wait till this evening?"

I laughed and led her off. "No, it could not" I said taking her to the main hall where the event was to be held. She gasped putting a hand over her mouth. "What do you think?"

"Oh, Theodore" she said wandering off into the room as tears fill up her eyes. "Your father would have loved to see this"

"I know" I said going over and kissing my mothers cheek. She smiled at me the tension from her now all gone. Life couldn't much get better.

The End

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