Alex listened intently to the nature chick with the weird name he couldn't pronounce.  He'd seen the movie "The great excape" before, but really doubted it would work.  In the movie they dug tunnels thirty feet under the gound, and about a hundred feet out, as to get onto the other side of the gate and into the jungle to excape.

The reason he didn't think it would work was first, they didn't have any way of digging the tunnels.  Second, what would they do with the dirt?  Third, all of the characters in the movie get caught and never excaped . . .

As they talked and debated over the tunnel digging plan, Alex slightly wandered off.  He'd noticed a few strange things going on, the first being that he could sometimes (wouldn't always work) see in the dark.  It was just as if it was day or evening.  He also noticed that more than once everything had appeared red, as if he was seeing in infer red, able to detect heat.

He had no idea of the reall exctent of what was going on though, until just now.  He suddenly heard a loud noise, like hammer and nail, but even louder.  It was gun fire.  He instictivley looked up, but only to realized his head was only able to move at an extreamly low speed.  As his head finely looked up, he could see a dart moving toward him, but extreamly slow, as if in slow motion.  It didn't seem right.  It was moving sooo slowly.

Alex realized that somehow he was thinking at a normal speed while everything was at a much slower one.  He moved slightly, attempting to dodge the dart.  He was unsuccessful, and was only able to partially dodge it.  It hid him right in the hip.

Suddenly everthing sped up, and he let out a cry from the pain.  He started to see colors, and colorfull people, as if in a magical place.  His eyebrows creesed, but just then it all faded.  Faded to black and he was unconcious.

The End

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