Ian: escape attempt. won't work.

I was still enjoying the rain , wind , and the roof. But something caught my eye. It was a shadow but i soon came to realise it was an escape attempt. I didn't have time to stop him. It would never work. These guys have more than lights and motion detectors. They hit him.  Then things got a little more heated literally. The flame girl came out burning the soldiers. Oh boy the punishment that was waiting for her was not worth it. They both retreated to the house. Oh like that doors gonna save you I thought.

They where both dragged out. I so desperatly wanted to help but there was no winning. Even if my power was at max because of the wind in the surrounding areas. There no end to soldiers.  I cursed under my breath.  A figure appears behind me.

" So you you've come to the realization we are more powerful than you are?" A feminine voice taunted me.

" Well i've got the lashes to prove it." I said. 

" Good, I want you to despair." she said leaving before i quite realized who she was.

The End

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