John: My New Room

They threw me to the floor. The military man stands above me.

"Why'd you try and escape John? Don't you like it here?" He chuckled rolling up his sleeves.

"Screw you." I growl back. He hits me hard across the face with some sort of club.

"Now Johnny, we have rules and you're not allowed to escape." he raises the black club and strikes it hard against my ribs. He kicks me in the same spot. I hear a rib crack and a pain stabs my chest. He places his foot in my chest.

"Now, what aren't we allowed to do?" He raises the club threateningly.

"We can't comment on the awfull food?" I ask. He rams the small club in my mouth.

"Bite on this so you can't bite your tounge off." He grins. I raise my head high enough off the ground so I can see him lift a small sturdy chair. He brings over to me and sits on it. He clicks his fingers and a soldier marches over. He's holding two needles attached to wires. He stabs them into my chest.

"Now, do you have something to say?" the man asks as the soldier retreats into the shadows. I spit the club from my mouth and grin at the man. He shakes his head and clicks his fingers. The electricity charges through me. I scream in pain, it feels like needles are being jammed into my skin from every direction.

One thought makes me smile.

The pain stopps but the screaming did not only it wasn't my screaming anymore. The soldier that had retreated into the shadows stumbled forwards now. Tentacles of shadows tearing at his clothes and skin.

The military man looks at me in horror before running from the room. The door is locked after him.

Then I laugh, it could have been from the shocks or the mere isolaton of the town but I think I finally snapped. The thought of the military man running scared through the house make me laugh because there was one thing he could never run from. The Dark.

The End

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