Thunder Cracks

As Alex walked into the other room, and I heard the first lash, I tried to get into the room. They said t was our punishment. I saw Alex get whipped, along with the others, their shirts now bloody and torn. I began to scream. The sound of then crying out was enough for me to beg for their pain to stop.

John was towed away to a different room, and I pulled away, into the torture. As the whip was about to come down on Alex and the woman's back next to him, I wrapped one ar round him, the other round her, taking both lashes, one to the arm, one smack in the back. Alex whispered furiously, "What are you doing?!"

"It's not my fault your in here. I tried to save John. I want to protect you all. But I can't. I'm only a 16 year old." Two rough arm grabbed me, then loosed.

"She wants the pain too? But why?" he asked in a mocking voice.

"Let these lot go. I'll take every lash." The men round the room chuckled, watching me cling to Alex and the woman, trying to keep my body inbetween theirs and the whips.

The End

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