Alex had watched the entire thing, and helped patch up Jhons minor wounds from the needles used to shock him.  He'd eventually fallen asleep uneasily.  He felt weary, as if in an uncomfertable dream.  He didn't understand how these people could control fire, and make forcfields out of shadows.

He suddenly screamed at the top of his lungs, awakened by an unpleasent suprise, someone touching a taser to the back of his head and holding down the trigger, 400 volts of electricity shocking through his brain.

Finally, they stood him up and set him against the wall, in a line, everyone else in this "town" standing next to him.  A few of them had the tasers sticking into their forheads, ready to be zapped if anything went wrong.

The fire controlling one had some kind of medal gloves over her hands, to somehow keep her controled easier.

"You probably all know about our little incident last night."  A man in Military uniform said. "There was an excape attempt.  We would like you all to know, that we will be fair.  Punishment will come, but only if you do something wrong.  I do believe the rules have been made clear, but your all obviously slower than we thought, so . . . here they are."  He stated a clear set of rules, obviously one being no excape attempts.  "Now, the punishment part.  Everyone except Jhon and Ami, come to the other side of the room." 

Alex did so, along with everyone else.  All of their arms were strapped into chaines on the wall.  Then the men proceeded to pull out whips.  The first crack hit Alex's back, drawing blood.

He screamed.  "Wait! What are you doing?  we didn't have anything to do with the excape!"  Another crack hit his back, and he felt selfish for saying it, but he screamed. "It wasn't us, it was them!  It was them!"  He almost started balling with tears.

The man who'd been speaking to us chuckled.  "Oh, don't worry, we know.  This is their punishment.  They did it, and cause all of you pain.  Their punishment is getting to watch." 

As the whip cracked down on his back, harder and harder each time, he looked back at the two.  They were silent, watching.  He could tell that before they'd woken him up, they'd still given them their own form of punishment, although not as savere as everyone elses.  They were silent.  What could they say.

The total number of whipings was seventy for each person was seventy.  They were then released.  All of them, except Ami so she could not heal anyone, and the bars tightened down on that house itslef, Medal put up around the outside.  Even if your room was not inside of that house.  Ami was brought somewhere else.  They said they'd unlock it the next day and they would be free to roam, but untill than, none of them would lay on their backs.

The End

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