I watched out the window as John tried to run for it. It seemed hundreds of people were surrounding him. Someone shot, and a wire shot out. A few minutes later, someone brought teir un down on his head.

Anger began to bubble up inside me. When they were this cruel, they couldn't stop me. I flung open the door, and stormed out. A few turned to face me. I lifted my hands high, and whispered, "Burn."

Fire flew from my finger tips, licking around a few of the soldiers. I ran forward, and as gently as I could, pulled the wire from John. I stood, hearing someone running up behind me, turned, and kicked a soldier in the sensitive parts. I grabbed John's arm, and began to pull him towards the house. I slammed the door closed, and breathed deeply, before pulling John to just in front of the fire place. His face and chest were bleeding. I saw a sodier outside. I opened the door, and threw fire t him. "BURN!!" I screamed, enveloping him, burning him to ashes, leaving an unpleasant smell. I fell down, exaugsted, and unconscious.

The End

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