John: Escape Attempt One

I spinted through the corridors unaffected by the darkness, the shadows guiding me to my room. I grabbed my rucksack and shoved in essentials. I leapt back down the stairs and into the kitchen. I rummaged through the fridge and collected some food before dashing out again leaving an unfamiliar boy staring confused after me even in the darkness.

I was out the door the rain acting like bullets as they crashed into my torso. I force on a sheild of shadows seperating me from the crushing wind. I begin to run, the town begins to recide into the background as I jog away. My escape seems to be going unoticed. I slow to a walk the raind still clattering against my sheild. I wish I'd been paying more attention as the motion sencors pick up on me. I don't hear the loud beep of the signal to the bad guys over the thunder. I carry on until strong vibrations from the ground make me stand still.

I turn my head slowly as the small convoy appear as a sillhouette on the horizon. I don't run that would be pointless instead I lash out violently with my hand. A wave of solidfied shadow speeds out in a wave crashing into the first truck and flipping it. The others speed up as I lash out again. I miss as the trucks miss them by inches. I raise spikes of shadow from the ground that spear a truck. I whip my wrist and send the spiked truck tumbling into another but thhe final two have arrived. Out rush two units of armed soldiers.

They raise their guns but only one fires. A long wire strikes me in the chest and as the trigger is squeezed 50,000 volts charge through my body. My legs buckle and I fall to my knees. I cry out in pain as the soldier refuses to realease the trigger. The crackle of lightning that scars the sky is the last thing I see before a butt of a gun smashes into my skull.

The End

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