Artemis: camp fire it is

I got up and made a fire. There was never light in the jungle and there never would be. I got it going pretty good then looked around the forest.

I couldn't find meat and I didn't need it so I got a vegie dinner. I looked up and saw that I saw that the roof was leaky and was not as strong as it could be. I went to bed a little more damp then normal.

Laiter in the night I woke up to foot steps of a human. They we're trying to be quit but couldn't do it perfectly. They we're heading toward me. I acted asleep until the got in attacking distance.

They got really close and pulled out a blood transmetor, a device to take sample blood easily. Quikly I pulled out my bow and shoot all in a limb, with a sleeping poison only, but one and leaped down on the person. It was a man about forty. I covered his mouth and then took my knife to his thort. I let him speack only then.

He was quit, thank the heavens, and he said that he was sent to take a little under half my blood, and give it to them, and then him and the others could do what ever they wanted to me. 

I made him say more and he then told me about how my innsadent in the health room was then tooken to a coart room. And how they decided I was no longer worth having at this high quilty place.

He tried to reach for his gun a cople feet away but I said, "I'm sorry, you can't do that." I decieded to hold him and his friends  hostage tell I could get them out, for good.

The End

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