Alex grabbed the back of his head in pain.  It was throbbing.  He wished he could just die.  The girl had walked in a minute ago, the fire controling one.  She'd made his jaw drop, and really how could he stop it, but he didn't really like her.  She somehow seemed . . . easy to hold grudges, like she'd get mad at you too easily.  It was just a hunch.

When he'd arrived, he'd seen a storm coming, and it was obviously just hitting now.  The entire room became balck as the lightbulbs flickered out with a pop.   Restless, Alex lay down on the couch.  He wondered if there was a backup generater or something along those lines.  He was right. 

Just as he opened his eyes, he could see.  But the power hadn't come on.  He could simply . . . see.  It was just as if he room wasn't dark, just a different color.  Just moments after he'd opened them, though, the room light flickered back on.

He rubbed his eyes.  It was obviously his head-ache; the light had obviously started flickering on as soon as he'd opened his eyes.

He sat up, walked out of the room to find someone else.  Maybe give him something to do. . . .

The End

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