Lookin' Good

I was stood in the kitchen, raiding the fridge for chocolate. Chocolate always helped me to calm down. I found a piece of chocolate, and began to walk back into the living room, nibbling it. I glanced up at a movement, and dropped the chunck of chocolate. The guy standing in front of me was staring in a full length mirror. I glanced sideways, to see the lannel on the floor beside the sofa, and the boy that had been laying there was gone.

"Where is Alex?" I asked softly. This person looked over at me. "Where is he?" I asked firmly, fire lighting on my fingertips. He gave me a small smile, showing off his perfect teeth. The  fire left my fingertips, as I realized that this was Alex. I walked slowly up to him, and he gave a laugh. I noticed the tiny bump on his head. I walked right up to him, and touched my finger to it, making it dissappear.

Alex touched his head. "Thanks...?"

I put my hand out. "Ami." I walked out of the room, to find more chocolate. I stopped, and looked over my shoulder. "By the way, lookin' good." I smiled at him, before leaving for the kitchen.


The End

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