Ian: this place has lions!?

I walked into the big house someone was laying on table in pain while a girl was using fire to heal the poor guy. its looks like me interupting would be a bad idea so i left and followed my map to my new home which of course was at the top of building in front of the big house. Where there was the most wind was. I unpacked my stuff. and started following my nose. the strongest scent was of a jungle. yeah I have a very good sense of smell since i control wind around know what in the air is important.  i walk up some stairs to find an actual jungle in this room which also smelled jungle cats. cool i thought to myself as i step in to say hello. My entrance in the room was not welcomed a lion looked pretty angry and i didn't realize the owner of this room was sleeping. The lion roared at me. I'm in trouble now.

The End

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