Subconscious Pain

Alex drifted in and out of extream pain.  He felt as if something was cutting into his stomach and then swisting around inside.  His arms felt as if they were being yanked into the innerworkings of a blender.  His feet had been abused to the point of numbness. 

For the few random moments that he did come into slight consciousness, he saw things not to be believed.  He saw fire.  Fire seeming to float out of the fingertips of a lady about his age.  He experienced other things, too, but couldn't really tell what.  All he knew was that they were Abnormal. 

Then again he would be thrown back into a complete sleep, dreaming nothing but of pain and anguish.  He hated it.  He wished he had never been born.  Even his life wasn't worth this. 

It wasn't for another hour or two when he woke, slowly climbing his way out of slumber.  When he did, he was looking directly into a large mirror on the other side of the room.  He had extreamly dark, intense blue eyes, matching his shorter than normal light brown hair.  His body, as it had almost always had, was muscular and well built, expecially his chest muscles.   he couldn't tell what, but something definetly seemed different.  Very different.  He felt . . . Good.

The End

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