New place new people: Ian Dart

my name is Ian dart and most the people i meet in the facilities for people with special abilities are new and rarely have been circulating around in the system. well i've been circulating the system for about a year. And i still don't know alot thats why people think i'm a plant (some one put on site to act like one of the people and get inside on whats going on) so i don't have many friends. today i'm moving to new place. so i pack my few things my notebook of memories of my family and old life and stone with the name Cassandara etched into the rock. I never met the person but i felt it was my duty to find her and give her this rock.

in the truck i practiced my ability which was ability to manipulate the air around me allowing to make wind ,thick air shields and well other things . its nothing special since i can't really use it will yet. 

hours later i'm booted off the truck and given a map to my new home. I hoped that these people will be friends with  me because my notebook is not enough to keep me sane anymore.

In the rows of house i hear some rukus in what i guess i would call mansion or a big houes and i make my way there.

The End

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