Bang, Crash, Ow

I heard a bang outside the house. I poked my head out causiously. I saw two guys. One was standing over the other, the other sprawled on the floor. I ran out, not thinking. I looked up. "What 'appened to 'im?" I asked, letting my accent come strong. When I was worried, it always made me seem more French that English. The guy gave a shrug, and crouched down. "I'm John. You are?" he asked.

"Feu-ami, the Fire Friend. But that doesn't matter right now. We need to get 'im inside." I said coldly, surprisingly cold for who I was. The guy helped me lift this one into the mansion. We laid him on the sofa. I tripped over on the way to the kitchen, and crashed into the door. "Hey! We don't need anyone else unconscious!" joked John. I gave a grimace, and began to raid the kitchen. Success! I took a few plates and some cake, bagettes and butter through. I went back to the kitchen, and soaked a flannel in cool water, and placed it over the unconscious guy's head. "Ow, that going to 'urt in the morning." I said softly.

The End

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