Alex stood up, looking at this man, Jhon, although he didn't know the name.  He asked him, and Jhon told.

"So where . . . exactly are we?"  He asked again.

"Frankly, I'm not sure.  I assume it's somewhere for us to be . . . imprisoned for our abilitys."  He said.

"What?"  Alex said.  "What abilitys?"

"You mean there's nothing. . . ." Jhon paused.  "Special about you?" 

Alex thought about it a moment.  "What do you mean "special."  He air-quoted "special."

"I'll bet you'd know if you had any.  Well I guess my assumptions were wrong.  You wanna go find anyone else?"

Alex was about to answer when an extreame pain came over his whole body.  At first, he thought that Jhon was doing something too him, but he realized that he wasn't when he fell on the ground, seeing Jhon looking down at him, eyebrows creased.

Darkness slowly overcame him.

The End

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