Are You Ok?

I heard a scream, and I ran from the house. I ran into te large mansion, to see a woman with the shin on her back ripped and blood from whips. I put my hand to my mouth, and touched her shoulder. She jumped round. I put my fnger to my lip. She nodded. I forgot to add earlier that I could heal minor injuries. I ran my fingers over the cuts, letting sorrow and a slight anger fuel my power. Tiny red stars danced round the cuts, sealing them. It left nothing but pencil thin scars. "I am Feu-ami, the Fire Friend. I can use fire, and heal minor injuries. I will leave now, for the fear of being whipped myself." I said, giving a little bow. I turned to leave, but she grabbed my wrist gently. "Don't leave. If we work together, we'll be fine." she said. I smiled, and nodded.

The End

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