I saw the nurse talking to someone on a cell phone. I was filled with anger that they would take people from there homes to a prison, when they were innocent. I went up to the nurse and was about to punch her and take the phone when she reached in her pocket and zaped me with a lazer thing. I saw darkness coming.

When I woke up I was back in my room. A lion came in and said "Tress passer!" I wonder how they got him in here! The lion looked at me and roared, making the females come.

They wern't as nice. They talked about how they would kill me. I only then told them that I wouldn't hurt them. They obviously didn't care because they kept getting closer. Except when they got in attacking range they wizzed over and droped something by me before leaving. I picked it up. It was a leather back pack. I opened it and saw it contained: My map, My bow, a knife [including a carrier], a cell phone [had only one number to call, the head desk], and a note.

I put the knife in my carrier along with the map. Of coarse, they leave me with the hard part. I took out the note and read it: Dear Diana, because of your horrible deed you are sent with an arrand, and another punishment. You will find a girl located with a x on your map. Then we will meet you next door to her. Willing or not!

I first made a simple bow carrier. It took about an hour. I then headed down to the new girl.

I fond her sitting in a chair, looking  very board. I took a loud step and she looked up. She was around my age and was pretty good looking. I had long brown hair and blue eyes. She had Green eyes and short brown hair. "Hello, please follow me." I said it simple because I didn't know her IQ. I ended up with a dirty look.

I showed her a room that had a fire place with wood but everything else looked fire proof. I read that she was a fire girl, from her description from the back of the note.

After ward I went to the . . . penelty room? Yep! Someone unlocked the door and had me sit on a chair. Inside had a wall of whips. A wall of tasers and a wall of rope. Are they that crule?! Yep! I kept anwsering my own questions. They lead me to a door and then opened it.

I saw a wall with cuffs attached. They took a taser and zapped me enough to lower my abilitys. And plus, I had no bow.

I was soon cuffed to the wall and they took a whip from the other room. "We're going to ask you some questions, if you anwser correct we'll let you go back to your room. if not you'll face punishment. Ready to begin?" I automaticly said no. They ripped off my shirt. I am so glad I'm facing this way! They whipped my back, and hard. I didn't scream though.

They kept asking and most of the time i'd get a few lashing before getting it right. Finnally they said it was there final one and said, "Are thepeople here just?" I anwserd no! I heard foot steps and they got a new whip. They whiped and i noticed it was a claw. [It has a hook that is meant to rip skin of.]

I then screamed on the top of my lungs. I thought that everyone could here me. They uncuffed me and without turing me around, took me to a room and handed me a shirt. I changed and  came out to see no one there. The doors were open. I headed back to my room.

The End

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