Enter Feu-ami

My mother sent me to open the door. "Ello?" I said. Darkness. I felt myself pushed and pulled. The bag that had been put over my head came off, and I felt the truck moving. All the sides were mirrored, with no windows. I looked at my reflection, mking sure they had not harmed me.

Long soft brown curls, slightly tanned skin, lush red lips and my piercing green eyes were still there. I looked down. My slim, 16 year old body was still there. You never knew when you were someone like me. I looked around, terrified and angry. I watched my eyes change their colour; from green to brown to muddy red to blazing red, and then i began to push small balls of fire from my hands. They burned up immediatly as they touched the sides. I gave up, and sat down, watching my eyes change back gradully to green as I calmed down.

I was pulled out, the bag over my head again, and into a house. Two things were pushed into my hands. The bag came off, and the door closed behind me. I looked down. I one hand, I held a rolled up piece of paper, and in the other, the handle to a small suitcase. I dropped the things, and opened the door. I looked out into the empty streets. I was in one of the smaller houses. There was one huge house right in the centre of the lot. I sighed, and closed the door. I took hold of the piece of paper and the suitcase, and walked into the living room. A sofa and two chairs were there, near a fireplace. I shook my head slightly, pushed the suitcase against the sofa, aand fell into one of the chairs, clutching the piece of paper, which I found was a map.

 I noticed there were a few things written in English on the map. Good job I had moved to England when I was 13, or I would still be struggling with the language. I put the map down, sighed, and tried to light a fire from my fingers. I growled slightly when nothing came. My power only worked when I got angry or scared. I have the power to control...well...manipulate fire. I walked to the fireplace, and started to try rubbing a couple of pieces of stone and a log together to try and make a fire. I eventually let out a cry of anger, and sparks flew to the wood, making it light. I added a few more piece of wood to the fire, then curled up on the sofa, waiting for the truck to come back, maybe to get me, or maybe to bring someone else here....

The End

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